About LearnEZteachEZ

Our mission is to set up our online educational website to reduce barriers such as language, age, and culture by harnessing the power of technology, and bridge the barriers in global training programs and set learners, educators and organizations up for success.

Our key values

ü  Our courses can be self-taught and can be learned on the go.

ü  It acts as a job agency for individuals who can monetize their unique talent.

ü  Ease of access via any mobile device to capture opportunities for learning

ü  Flexibility in learning pathways and mother tongue

ü  The capability of creating  specific learning pathways for students and training plans for adults

ü  Use a variety of learning materials and audiovisuals

ü  Bringing together learning materials from a wide range of sources, countries, and expertise

ü  Analyze learning patterns through ML and cater accordingly

ü  A.I. language translation real time if required. Especially if the course is not offered in the native language

ü  Analytics that provide a progress report of every user and proof of knowledge

ü  Learning Automation


ü  Automation of many learning processes, including scheduling, invitations, and follow-up support